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Current & Past Projects

Photo Nov 25 2022, 2 44 24 PM.jpg

Mixed Reef Aquarium

Aquarium Cleaning Services also includes saltwater and reef tank maintenance.  This is a 60 gallon mixed reef tank with various corals and fish.

Photo Nov 02 2022, 12 56 45 PM.png

Tiki Hut Tank

This unique aquarium houses African cichlids and uses an Eheim canister filter.


Relaxing Built In Aquarium

Sit and try not to dose off watching these graceful fish in your living room.


Small Goldfish Tank

Simple & Easy!  Cute goldfish tank for a desk or bar/counter.

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Community Freshwater Tank

This 55 gallon tank includes Angelfish, Catfish, Gouramis, and Denison Barbs.


Planted Discus Aquarium

Watch the school of rummy nose tetras swim through the plants with the colorful discus in the background.


55 Gallon Community Tank

Filled with angelfish, danios, and assorted plants.

photo aug 24 2022, 1 39 05 pm.jpg

Oscar Fish

These big boys and gals start out small but get huge!  Make sure to do your research before buying.

Aquarium Cleaning: Water Changed & Freshly Cleaned

Water can be cloudy after a water change but this clears up in a few hours with the filter running.

Reef Tank With Starfish

A brittle starfish eats some nori.

Filter Cleaning

Foam parts are washed while carbon and filter floss are replaced.

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